Third Stop: Etter-Harbin Alumni Center and the Darryl K Royal Texas Memorial Stadium

Today’s stop our on tour is going to be all about our amazing alumni network and the spirit and tradition that goes along with Texas football!

To start this off you should know that the Texas Exes Alumni Association, which was stabled in 1885 by 34 new graduates, has over 450,000 living alumni worldwide! The Texas Exes Alumni Association has been described as the most powerful, influential, and well-connected alumni networks in the nation. While to many prospective student that doesn’t much when looking into selecting a university to attend, but for many students on campus during their four years at UT the alumni network may be the largest resource for both internships and future employment. Something that should not go unnoticed about our alumni is that the Texas Exes give over $1.5 million in scholarships to about 600 students each year including the Forty Acres Scholarship: a full ride, merit based scholarship for freshman.


The Texas Exes Alumni Association logo which features The University of Texas trademark color burnt orange. (Photo: Alcalde, Official Publication of the Texas Exes)

The Texas Exes Alumni Association is housed in the Etter-Harbin Alumni Center which was established in 1885 and since has had $7.17 million in renovations with the help of the Texas Exes themselves. The Etter-Harbin Alumni Center not only serves as the center for all things alumni, such as the tailgates for alumni on game days, but also has popular study and gathering spots for students on campus as well!


The Etter-Harbin Alumni Center at The University of Texas at Austin which houses the Texas Exes Association. (Photo: Austin American Statesman)

Finally, some of our most famous alumni and former longhorns include American actress Farah Fawcett, American actor and recent Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey, American actress Renee Zellweger and former First Lady of the United States Laura Bush.

This leads us to what most people would say is their favorite thing about attending The University of Texas at Austin, football! Texas football kicks off every fall at the Darryl K. Royal Texas Memorial Stadium. The capacity of our stadium is about 100,119, making it the largest football venue in the state of Texas and the fourth largest college football stadium in the NCAA.

NCAA Football: Iowa State at Texas

The Darryl K. Royal Texas Memorial Stadium during the 2013 – 2014 football season. (Photo: CBS Sports)

As far as tickets go for sporting events students have to option to buy what is called the Longhorn All Sports Package or the LASP for short. For $80 students are given access to any home athletic event at a first come first serve basis. This means entrance in to all sports including volleyball, swimming, baseball, basketball and football. As far as I know students who have the LASP don’t have trouble getting into any football games unless it’s a very popular game, but for those who are looking for a reserved seat at every game students who have the LASP are eligible to buy season football tickets for an additional $70. This means that for a total of $150 a student is guaranteed tickets to all sporting events at a first come first serve basis and reserved seating at every home football game! Although priority for seating is given to seniors students are able to sign up for football tickets in a group and you’ll be able to sit with this group for the entire football season!


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