Fourth Stop: Residence Halls

Today’s stop on our tour is going to be focused on residence halls here at The University of Texas at Austin!

When it comes to on campus housing here at The University of Texas at Austin students have the choice to select their residence hall preferences from three different living communities. Residence halls at UT are divided into three different communities: Whitis Area, Waller Creek and Jester. Each community has a different feel, and they all offer different chances for involvement, events, and leadership. So as far as choosing the best resident hall for you, it’s all up to who you are, what you like, and where you want to be on campus.

Whitis Area Community

Tucked in the Northwest corner of campus, the Whitis Area is made up of several unique residence halls, from Littlefield (the oldest hall on campus) to the contemporary design of Duren (one of the newest). Whitis Area is also home to the Honors halls in the Quad (Andrews, Blanton, and Carothers) or the all-female residence hall Kinsolving.


Female students study in Littlefield Residence Hall study room. Littlefield is one of two all female residence halls at The University of Texas at Austin. (Photo: The University of Texas at Austin)

Waller Creek Community

For those who would like to live in the shadow of the Darrell K. Royal Texas Memorial Stadium, Waller Creek community residence halls are no more than a stroll to the stadium. Scatted along Waller Creek, these residence halls range from smaller (Brackenridge, Roberts and Prather) to the larger and newer San Jacinto. Creekside, located further north of campus is the university’s only all-male residence hall.


San Jacinto residence hall at The University of Texas at Austin with visibility of the Darrell K Royal Texas Memorial Stadium in the distance. (Photo: The University of Texas at Austin)

Jester Center Community

Finally the Jester Center is one of the largest residence halls in the nation and the largest at The University of Texas at Austin. Two towers make up Jester on the South side of campus, close to the business school, the PCL, and the Blanton Museum. Jester is also home to the largest dining hall on campus, as well as lecture classrooms and study rooms.


A photo collage of Jester Center west created by the Department of Housing and Food Services showing a typical residence hall dorm room in Jester. (Photo: Department of Housing and Food Services)

Finally I will let you know what everyone needs to know about living on campus: eating!

Each year along with the cost of living on campus residents receive $1,500 in what the university calls Dine in Dollars. For the fall and spring semester students are able to use these Dine in Dollars to eat at any of the university dining halls. While not each residence hall has a dining hall, the nearest one isn’t very far away! There are a variety of options when it comes to eating on campus. Students can either eat at an a la carte style dining hall where you get whatever amount of food you want and weight and pay. Students also have the option to eat at one of our buffet style dining halls, where the student can swipe their ID and eat as much as they want! In addition to the $1,500 in Dine in Dollars, students also receive $300 in Bevo Bucks, which can be used at more commercial places both on and off campus. Bevo Bucks are hugely popular among students who live on campus because when they get tired on eating at those dining halls, they are able to go to places off campus like Wendy’s, Chick-Fil-A, or Austin favorite: Kirby Lane and pay using their Bevo Bucks!

My best advice to any freshman coming to The University of Texas or any university for that matter is to live on campus their freshman year! It makes it easier to meet people and get involved on campus when everything is right outside your door. Statistics also show that students who live on campus have higher GPAs than those who don’t, so if that’s not a reason to live on campus I don’t know what is!

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